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Welcome to Bainbridge Hospital

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Welcome to Bainbridge Hospital Empty Welcome to Bainbridge Hospital

Post by Ghost on Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:37 am

Welcome to Bainbridge Hospital

Bainbridge Behavioral Health Center
Bainbridge Behavioral Health Center is a psychiatric rehabilitation center, located on the site of the historic Bainbridge Hospital, in the picturesque White Mountains of New Hampshire. Catering to a variety of clients, Bainbridge Behavioral Health Center offers an intensive inpatient, residential environment geared towards the rehabilitation of acute and chronic mental health problems through a regimen of individually tailored therapy plans, therapeutic activities and classes, and a restorative environment. Bainbridge Behavioral Health Center aims to provide clients with the tools they will need to succeed in independent living, and overall wellness of mind and body. A tiered approach to patient programming and accommodation allows for a wide and individualised range of treatment plans for many and varied mental health complaints.

Bainbridge Hospital
Founded in 1876, Bainbridge Hospital -formerly New Hampshire Hospital for the Insane- was built on the Kirkbride architectural plan, to house mentally ill patients from New Hampshire and the surrounding states of Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont. Bainbridge Hospital has been in operation since its construction was completed, though deinstitutionalisaion threatened to close its doors forever in the late 1980s. Bainbridge Hospital remained open through seeking private funding and sponsorship, and over the last decade and a half, the hospital has been updated and refurbished back up to something resembling its former self. The Hospital is comprised of a main hospital building (The Kirkbride Complex) and a number of additional buildings on site. At this time, only the ground floor of the Kirkbride is open and utilised, though three floors remain above, ready for expansion (or exploration if patients happens to slip the noose of security). Staff live on site in a specially built community setting, recently updated and refurbished for the modern age. The Hospital boasts a number of amenities and recreations for both patients and staff, from bowling and movie nights, to trail rides and seasonal festivals. Bainbridge Hospital remains a self-supporting and self-enclosed village unto itself, though Berlin, New Hampshire, is but a hop, skip, and jump away.

That Sounds Quaint; What's the Catch?
It's safe to say that Bainbridge Hospital has been around for a while. It has seen the worst and the best of what psychiatric medicine has to offer, and it has no shortage of grim tales to tell about the darker days of institutionalisation. From long term patient restraint and captivity to lobotomies, Bainbridge Hospital has seen it all. And with a history like that, it's easy to imagine that something will have left an imprint. Rumours abound amongst the staff and patients who have been there a while, and while most hospitals seem to have the obligatory ghost stories and tales of patient terror, there's something about Bainbridge Hospital that just makes the stories so much more believable. Things have a habit of going bump in the night, and some would swear that it seems as if Bainbridge's cast of former staff members just refuse to give up their life's work, even in death. And that's not even touching on tales of forgotten patients who perished in these very same wards. Whether rumour or reality, few pass through Bainbridge Hospital's walls without a story or two of their own to tell...

The Game
We are a friendly and mature community of players dedicated to story-driven and literate role-playing, looking to welcome new and like-minded players! We love a good and well-rounded character and an engaging story, and we love attention to detail! We hope that our new players will share our vision, and be willing to learn and grow with us. Our game is intended for players over the age of eighteen, who enjoy to write and create with others who have a love of language and story-telling. We are a detail-driven site with a solid knowledge base in this genre of playing and creating. If you're looking for an asylum where anything goes, staff characters never post, and there are no rules for character creation or in-game play, then this probably isn't the place for you. But if you're looking for an asylum site with some realistic structure, an active in-character staff base, and no player drama, then welcome aboard! Remember, at Bainbridge Hospital, the golden rule is always: 'In character actions, have in character consequences.' After all, where's the fun in breaking the rules if nothing ever comes of it?

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